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Business Opportunity

Within Victoria, Australia




Have You considered Becoming Part of the DTA Team


Be free to do what you do best without having to do the time consuming “stuff” that makes it difficult.


In your own business but not in business on your own.

There are a range of opportunities available including: 

In fact any compatible business which needs to be supported by a REGISTERED TRAINING ORGANISATION structure.   

All you need is a draft business plan.

An opportunity to run your own training business with:

All at an amazingly low, ‘pay-as-you-go’ business overhead fee.


DTA agrees to:

You agree to:





People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.


When they find out that you really care you had better know something.


Never stop learning.   Continuously read books about your personal development, communication processes 

and research into your industry.    Continuously practice your craft.   

“The day you stop learning is the day you give up the right to teach”.


The most freeing fact for any ‘instructor’ to grasp is that you can’t ‘teach’ anybody anything.


All an instructor can do is provide the participant with a great learning environment which enables her/him 

to learn what is relevant to themselves according to their own learning style and personality type. 


A great instructor cannot do more and dares not do less.


As an instructor when you create a sound learning environment you will have happy participants.  

Your ability to create a great learning environment will turn happy participants into raving fans.  


Instructors who have raving fans as participants don’t have to spend much on advertising.





Business Principle


The DTA Independent Business Operator will promote and conduct their business with the public interest, 

the DTA corporate interests and their personal interests in balance.


The DTA Independent Business Operator will comply with the DTA Quality Manual.


The DTA Independent Business Operator will comply with the DTA Code of Practice & Procedure Manual.



Driver’s licence. (State which category and years which must have held that category).

Cert.lV WPT or Cert lV DI.



Theoretical and practical learning systems.

Learning styles and how to relate and communicate to each type.

Personality types and how to relate and communicate to each type.

Driving techniques and habits which reduce risk.



Business / entrepreneurial / money management.

Promotional / sales / marketing.

Adult education / training.

Communication / counselling.



Proven honesty and integrity.

Proven addiction free lifestyle.

Proven business acumen.




Legal requirements: 

At least 21 years of age with the appropriate driving experience, with a good driving record.


Duties and Responsibilities:

-                     Work within the Australian Quality Training Framework to ensure the company’s quality philosophy is promoted through all service functions.

-                     Maintain effective service facilities and processes.

-                    Promote a positive colleague relations environment.

-                     Maintain a positive customer focused approach.


Personal attributes:

No addictive behaviours. It is not possible to keep a vehicle clean and smelling fresh if the instructor smokes.   

Over indulgence in alcohol has been devastating to business in the past, and must never form part of the DTA team.


Neat appearance and presentation.


Clear speech, with the ‘middle of the road’ or higher grammar.


Excellent communication skills, especially listening skills.


Proven honesty.


Able to keep private issues private.


Neat writing. A willingness to continue to keep records neat and updated.


Willingness to consistently be tidy with personal appearance and cleanliness and the vehicle presentation.


Willingness to follow process included in the ‘DTA Quality Manual’, ‘DTA Code of Practice’, and ATQF principles without deviation.


The ability and perception to recommend improvements to the system.


To consistently avoid risk-taking behaviour.




Most Relevant Points within the

Code of Practice & Procedure Manual


Independent Business Operator Personal Qualities Required

Take responsibility for appointments and follow-up arrangements and liaise with Reception Staff, Clients and other Instructors on these issues.

Diplomatic Team Worker

Promotion skills

Consistent at following DTA system

Keep client information private, secure and current with neat hand writing.

Discreet Polite

Neat hand writing

Follow training process thoroughly.

Consistent at following DTA system.

Follow up clients diligently.

Consistent at following DTA system

Keep neat daily records and manage money honestly and to a standard that will ensure a profit.

Honest. Integrity.

Money management skills.

Profit orientated. Entrepreneurial

Maintain exemplary behaviour and public image. Care for ongoing personal development.

Well groomed

Discreet public behaviour.

Continuously market and advertise business to the DTA standards.


Enthusiastic promoter.

Make charges and refunds honestly.

Honest. Integrity.

Act in a safe and responsible manner.

Safety orientated.

Make sure all materials used in the training process are current and contribute to the continuous improvement of the program.

Interested in continuous improvement.

Good at meetings and getting on with others.

Consistent at following DTA system

Use the DTA process for any dispute, either with DTA persons or the public and manage the feedback process within the system.

Consistent at following DTA system

Interested in continuous improvement.

Good at meetings and getting on with others.

Maintain vehicles to the standards.


Consistent at following DTA system

Interested in maintained / clean vehicles.


Independent Business Operator

Legal Requirements Information

Your Legal Requirements

Where you can find information

Occupational Health and Safety

Australian Government National Occupational Health & Safety Commission


Workplace Harassment, Victimisation and Bullying


Anti-discrimination, including Equal Opportunity, Racial Vilification, Disability Discrimination.


Vocational Education and Training.



Apprenticeships and Traineeships.


Any other issue

Check with DTA management


How to Proceed with Your Application 

We will value your application to become an “Independent Business Operator” under the 

Driver Training Academies of Australia Pty Ltd umbrella.   

Team Work makes sense.  We share the considerable cost of overhead while focusing on a specific area of our expertise.

 DTA has in place systems in our “Code of Practice and Procedure Manual” which we agree to abide by.  

It is essential that each and every “Independent Business Operator” follows the spirit and rule of these procedures, 

and contributes to their continuous improvement.  

Prior to your final consideration for a position with DTA we require you to thoroughly investigate those procedures, 

and state in writing your willingness to comply with these standards into the future. 

In your initial application while you haven't had a chance to peruse this document in detail, we request that you 

"agree in principle" to the reasonable standards and contribute to the continuous updating of process and procedures.


This Page, in your own hand written please


Trevor Sobey

Chief Instructor

Driver Training Academy

Hemco Park

118 Learmonth Street

Ballarat 3350.




Thank you for receiving my application to become an “Independent Business Operator” under the 

Driver Training Academies of Australia Pty Ltd umbrella.   

I understand fully that Team Work makes sense.  When the team benefits so do I.

I promise to consistently to focus on turning members of the public into customers and customers into 

raving fans of our enterprise.  

To do this I will need to treat each and every member of the public; and every other DTA member 

with the highest level of service that I and we would enjoy receiving ourselves.

If selected I agree to fully abide by systems in the DTA “Code Of Practice And Procedure Manual” 

which we all agree to abide by.  

I understand that it is essential that I, as an “Independent Business Operator” follows the spirit and rule 

of these procedures, and contributes to their continuous improvement.  

I will thoroughly investigated those procedures and I hereby state my willingness to consistently 

comply with these standards into the future.

At the successful outcome of my application, my business will focus on the ..................... program.

In addition I submit the proof of my suitability to be accepted as a DTA - I.B.O in the attached document.

 Thank you for considering my application.