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Who is it for?
    This Class prepares you for the Learner Permit Test.
Why should I do it?
    Clearly, you need to know the road rules before you drive. A knowledge of the road rules helps you learn to drive. Further, it is easier to remember the rules if you understand the reasoning behind them.
What do I get?
    The aim of our Before You Drive Class is to prepare you for the test and to give you this understanding.
How is it run?
    There are group exercises and discussions, videos, roadway models and more; all of which makes this course interesting and helpful.
How long does it go for?
    Usually twelve hours all together.
Sometimes we make different length programs for special groups.
When do the courses happen?
    On Weekends:
        9am until 12 noon, then 1pm until 4pm over two days.
    On Weekday Evenings:
        6pm until 9pm over four nights (usually one per week).
How much does it cost?
    The fee for the program is $120
We Guarantee:
* More value for your money.
* More interesting and enjoyable training sessions.
AND... if after the first session you don't believe we are all of the above and more, we will refund all DTA fees within 7 days.