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The Hot Seat Program
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The DRIVER TRAINING ACADEMY provides a practical driving program for drivers who have completed an approved driver training course.
The program is known as the
                                                " HOT SEAT "

It is designed to maintain and enhance the participants driving standard.

Ideally, drivers should participate in four "HOT SEAT" drives per year.

THE OBJECT is to develop good driving techniques. It works this way:
* Each session involves a three hour drive in which four participants, including a HOT SEAT LEADER takes turn to drive.

* The passengers observe and discuss the driving, which demonstrates both good and bad characteristics.

* Each driver drives for ten minutes, after which the car is parked and the driver feeds back to the group his/her impressions of the quality of the discussion.

* Each observer then sums up his/her impressions of the drive to the driver.


* Maximum personal involvement in self driver improvement program.

* Learn the art of constructive criticism.

* Develops self confidence.

* Observe ordinary driving situations handled expertly.

* Recognise what is a driving fault.

* Recognise and interpret various characteristics of different vehicles.

* Helps the driver maintain learnt skills.

Each Hot Seat Session takes three hours. They are often run on WEEKENDS or WEEKDAY EVENINGS commencing about 5:30pm.

Other times are available for groups.

The fee for each program is $150 or if you provide the vehicle, $20.