Modifying the VS Ecotec V6 fuel rail to suit L67 Supercharged V6
By Zapper

Just to stop any confusion with fitting the Ecotec rails to the L67 here is the list of what I did to modify the rails as well as the parts list. I was thinking of making these and selling them but the time it takes is just to prohibitive. (This set is going on my Dad's VX Calais L67 with a MACE stealth cooler)

Parts List: speed flow bits

1x ¼ NPT Tap             Borrow this if you can, it can cost about $30

1x S150-04R               Cover clamp red

3x S150-05R               Cover clamp red

2x S411-06-05            5/16 Hose Tail to Suit S818-06

2x S818-06                  Tube Nut

2x S822-06                  90 deg Pipe Elbow

12x 5mm                      Allan hex cap screws

6x VB Stubbies            These instructions donít work with XXXX


  Acquire a set of second hand VS Ecotec V6 billet fuel rails with injector clips, fuel regulator, fuel hoses from your local wrecker. (Donít pay anymore than $50.00) Remove the large flat mounting points with a good hack saw.

  Including the hacksaw blade thickness Cut off 9mm from the front (ONLY) of each fuel rail. (this is to fit the speed flow elbows to the rails so they will clear the alternator and coil pack)

Drill the end of the rails out to 13mm. (Drill just short of the injector hole). Tap thread in the front of the injector rail with a ¼ NPT Tap. Use a little loctite 567 thread sealant and screw in speed flow elbows.  Now the fun bit making mounting brackets.

Mount brackets to inlet manifold and bend to shape. fuel rails to the injectors and fit to heads. Mark injector rails where to be drilled with a Texta Centre punch and drill rails with a 4.5mm hole. Tap holes in rails with a 5x0.5mm tap. Assemble  rails injectors and hoses. Now drink stubbies. (Enjoy)